Sebastian MoranEdit


Colonel Sebastian Moran


The Adventure Of The Empty House

Sebastian Morans only appearance in the original series books of "Sherlock Holmes" was in the short story "The Adventure Of The Empty House" (as seen in illustrations to the left and right) After Moriartys death at the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes scaled the side of the cliff in order to hide from Watson and the authorities. Click on the link to read "The Adventure Of The Empty House" short story summary ( )   While resting on a ledge, a huge rock nearly crushes Sherlocks head. When he looks back he sees a man on a ledge hire then his. This man was Professor James Moriartys right hand man Colonel Sebastain Moran. In "The Adventure Of The Empty House" Moran is arrested after attempting to assasinate Sherlock Holmes and is no longer a threat in the book series and does not appear again.

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