A Study In Scarlet

A Study In Scarlet was the first Sherlock Holmes Novel, in this story Sherlock and Watson meet for the first time.

A Study In Scarlet

After being injured in the afghan war Dr John Hamish Watson was sent to London because of his not recovering well. While there he realizes that the lifestyle he is living becomes too costly and looks for an alternative route. Later he runs into an old accquiantance of his called Stamford, after Watson talks to him for a while Stamford tells him about a freind of his that works at the hospital labratory (Sherlock Holmes) that is trying to find a more affordable way of living. He introduces the two and they become flatmates. While living with Sherlock, Watson notices the amount of strange visitors that frequently come by 221b baker street. Sherlock tells him that hes a consulting detective and that when the police are in need of help they come to him.

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